The Locksmyth is Ethan Gabriel Jack.
Half the time, on his own in a singer-songwriter capacity, and the rest of the time he's joined by many of Atlanta's best players to form an Avant-garde Blues Rock outfit.

The band's sound leans toward spooky and dark, while embracing American soul and blues. Equal parts smoky piano, bombastic drums, junkyard percussion, and sinister yet ethereal guitars, tied together with a deep and concise groove. Vocally, Ethan Gabriel Jack stretches his range at both ends, while maintaining a rich crooning middle ground.

Since its inception, The Locksmyth's contributors and live members have shifted many times for many reasons. 
The expected and welcomed growing pains of any idea with wind in its sails.
The band's direction was conceived and calibrated by E.G.J., Dustin Cox and Joey Jones when they recorded The Locksmyth's debut EP "Key Change" together. It was released independently in March of 2013 to great reception.
The EP featured many guest appearances by well know Atlanta musicians including the mighty James Hall, Lauren Gibson & Micah Silverman of Today the Moon Tomorrow the Sun, and Matt Jarrard of Book Club/Oryx & Crake. Dustin Cox's stint with the band was cut short when a prestigious academic opportunity arose, though he still remains a collaborator to this day. Joey Jones is also still on board as The Locksmyth's production guru.

As of recent, a strong and defined lineup has emerged to join Ethan Gabriel Jack on stage and in the studio.
Sam Harrison of the late great Gun Party on keys. Jeremy Cash Dollar who played in A:The Color with E.G.J., is on the drum throne. The strings are held down by Andres Miller, and Josh & Graham Yoder of Atlanta experimental powerhouse Jungol. 

In July of 2015 the band released their first full-length album entitled "Exquisite Villains" to great reception from both critics and fans alike. Recorded and produced yet again by Joey Jones at Aria Recording Studio. Featuring many guest performances including Matt Jarrard, Alex Lowe, and Jaz Jillette. The cover art was a hand panted portrait by amazing artist Jenny Cimino. This is not an album to take lightly, or to sleep on. Available on vinyl.

"The Locksmyth is, at its heart, a band steeped in theatrical tradition. Half vaudeville, half rock opera, Exquisite Villains is a sideshow featuring a medley of freaks, felons and ne’er-do-wells. It’s the sound pouring out of the speakeasy two shots before last call while the circus is in town. It’s an album that isn’t afraid to take risks, to dip its toes in one style before diving headfirst into another." -Sal McArthur ( IMMERSIVE ATLANTA )